9 September 2013

My THIRD Attempt At Sixth Form!

So, today I returned to Sidmouth College officially. I went on some inspirational visit to Exeter University with the school on Friday, which actually wasn't that bad. I made a new friend called Charlene! Today was rather MEH though. We went in, found our tutor groups, and had some lecture. Oh, and then we had a pointless hour 'mingling', where everyone just sat round looking awkward! For some unknown reason, my tutor is a Food Tech teacher, but she seems okay, so that's good. We haven't even got our timetables yet, so I'm a little annoyed. Apparently, I have nothing for most of the day, except for French last thing. I just want to get back to work. And the hour-long lecture was so dull. I've done Sixth Form twice before, and I have to listen to all the results crap, and school plans, and what they expect. GIVE ME MY BLOODY WORK ALREADY!

Oh, except for the fact that I haven't completed most of my holiday work beforehand, because the goddamn optician's haven't got my blue shades in. I ordered them three weeks ago, and they were like, it'll be a little slow because of the Bank Holiday but there by the Friday. That was three fucking weeks ago. God's SAKE! I use it to prevent migraines from interactive whiteboards, and to be able to read better, I NEED THEM NOW! They phoned me last Tuesday, and said they should be in latest Monday. When I asked on Saturday, they said they wouldn't have a delivery on Monday, and my glasses would be in by about Wednesday. I'm really getting a little pissed off now, you know?


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