16 August 2013

NCS 2013 - Week #4 & Sidmouth Folk Week

To be totally honest with you, I feel shit. A lot's happened over the last couple of weeks, and I barely know if I'm on my arse on my elbow. I don't really want to discuss it, and I'm quite tired, so forgive me my spelling errors. I've been burying myself in my holiday school work, ready for my third attempt of sixth form next month.

Right, two weeks ago was my final week on the NCS project. If you enlarge it, there's the newspaper article about us that was in the Exmouth Journal!

Basically, we were helping to revamp an allotment for Glenorchy Work Project, for the unemployed people, and people with learning/mental health disabilities. 
On Monday 29th, we painted the shed, did more inspirational pebbles and helped dig up the empty gardening patches! Tuesday 30th we went to Exeter to visit the Exeter group, and help them out. We saw some wheelchair basketball, which was pretty awesome! Wednesday 31st, we went bag-packing at Exmouth Tescos, which I believed earned a bit of money for the project! And I didn't make it in on the Thursday, because I woke with a terrible migraine. But it's okay- I'll see everyone at graduation this coming Monday, so life's good!

And wow, I can't believe I missed the tourist-tat last year due to being in Hastings! Okay, it's all expensive, and I still don't have a job, but hey! It's good to see the lights out my bedroom window again!

For various reasons, I never got around to seeing The Spooky Men this year, which was a shame. But the dude I see every year got to see them!

For the most part, I was just helping my mum and her friend on a stall with crystals. Yay.


  1. Hope you fell better soon, and as for spelling errors I cant say I noticed any, I am fairly happy and bouncy and make them all the time....