26 August 2013


Thursday was GCSE results day, and I was hoping for at least a C grade to get me onto AS German. Well, I think I aced this one yes? Considering I had to relearn my entire sentence structure AND add on tons of vocab, I'm rather chuffed with this result, and so is my German teacher! I can't wait to be starting sixth form in a couple of weeks!

Forgive me for not writing more often. I still feel shit, and nothing much has gone on the past few days. I just don't have the enthusiasm to post anything, or continue my 365Project at the moment. This will resume as normal once I go back to school and all that, however, I'll be studying my arse off for this last attempt at A Levels, so it ma only be twice a week!

The past week has consisted of playing Sims 2, sleeping, eating, visiting a few friends, and procrastinating from the rest of my work the school gave me to do over the holidays. Wow, so exciting.


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