13 July 2013

NCS 2013 - Week #1

 8th July 2013
"Today we arrived at Wembworthy, and we haven't done a huge amount. Another group arrived a couple of hours after us, and we've done an hour of icebreakers. A girl called Becca, who I'm now friends with, offered up her Nan to give me a lift to the minibus, which was good of her. There's a girl I kinda like, but we're not really close, and she's probably straight. I also made new friends called Dan, Shania, Nicole and Molly. Everyone here seems nice enough, so it should be a good week."
 9th July 2013
" I went surfing today at Saunton Sands, and it was EPIC! I can't stand up yet, but I can definitely kneel up! I can catch waves 50% of the time, but that's not bad for a first attempt. We had more social activities this evening too, which was good. I learnt a new trick on the diabolo from some random lad. I was worried for a bit that the adults had found out about the stupid Asperger's diagnosis, but I'm pretty sure they haven't. Nicole went home for good this morning too. I still like the girl from yesterday, but she's always hanging round with some lad, and they're really cute together. She's in my group, and we keep making eye contacts, but she's not really in my social circle. Awkward."

 10th July 2013
"Today, my group went on an orienteering trip. We split off into smaller groups, and I was with Catherine, Faye, Louise, Chris and Izzy. We got all the answers right, and got back an hour earlier that the other group, so I had a nap. Then we did some team-building activities, such as getting though a rope web without touching the sidesWe failed at it, but it was so much fun! Then we had a pub quiz, and I was in a group with Dan, Louise and Chris. We came last, but hey! I've also sorted out a problem with a boy some of the girls found creepy. I've just come back from a game where you have a post-it on your head with a name of a famous person on, and you have to guess who it is."

 11th July 2013
"It's the last full day at Wembworthy, and the end of the first wee. Today we went on a very long walk in the local woods, which was nice, and I spent most of my time with Dan and Tom. I played some netball with Louise, Izzy, Dan, Chris and Javier, but Javier was so good! I had to sort out the creepy boy again, but at least I now know what the problem is. I just can't say a word, which hurts me so much. I have a terrible migraine, and have just woken up. Everybody's getting ready for bed, so I must've missed all the fun banter. Sigh. Never mind, time for bed."

12th July 2013
"I'm home at last, but I do miss camp, and all my friends. it's quiet without everyone!I want a nice long bath first off! Becca's Nan gave me a lift from the minibus to my house, bless her. I didn't actually go on the minibus, as there was no room, so me and Dan went in the Land Rover taking all the luggage. This week was fantastic, bring on Bicton!"


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