3 July 2013

Death By German: Part III

Oh yeah, I'm back to some serious, hardcore German revision. I mean, I know I have the whole Summer to think about it, but I have to somehow be at AS Level by September, which will be interesting. I do a German GCSE in two months, after not having done it for four years, only to discover my sentence structures were incorrect. So I hope that I've passed the GCSE, and I'll bullshit the AS Level, with some help. I'm treating Zelda: The Ocarina Of Time as German revision, as I'm playing it a second time through in German. I'm running round getting all the goodies as an adult at the moment!

I want to try and do some more house tidying soon too. I had a good go at my bedroom today, so that's going well. More room to dance!

And tomorrow is the second day I'll be selling my stuff at the Flee Market, but I won't really be on the stall. I have to see my German teacher in the morning, and I'm having my hair permed in the early afternoon, which takes forever, even with my short hair.

Просто Деликатная Фарфоровая Кукла


  1. German is the bane of my existence! I gave up such a long time ago...

  2. Sorry to comment when I have no interest in nor anything to say about the German language (at least not right now, because I do love languages and intend to learn one or two), but this is the only place I could ask since you have no address posted. How do you turn your cursor into a dinosaur, or flower? I am really curious! Also, I speak french fluently if you need any help on that front. Thanks!!