23 June 2013

More Art & Dapper Dinos

There's my fifth art project. I'm currently working on a different project, drawing Darth Vader for my five-year-old cousin!

I've got my Nintendo64 working again! Let's just say, I threw it down the stairs in a strop a few weeks back, and the casing broke real bad. So last night, I decided to test it, just to make sure it was dead. HOW WRONG I WAS! It plays just as perfectly as before, and has had nearly twenty years of shit emptied out from it!

I've been making some small felt dinosaurs too, like the one in the bottom picture. I have a whole range of colours now too! Hopefully I'll be able to sell a few on Thursday at the Flee Market! I'm not entirely sure why, but I ended up calling them Dapper Dinos, and I should be selling them for £1.50! You never know, maybe they'll take off?

Просто Деликатная Фарфоровая Кукла


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