9 May 2013

With A Broken Fence & White Paint Everywhere...

Okay, so I admit, I'm procrastinating from my German. I'm trying to tidy the house up at the minute, and there's a lot to do. I've been glossing the door frames and radiators, so I've managed to get white paint all over the sink on numerous occasions, and in my hair, and all over two pairs of jeans. I've also been carpet cleaning, which is good. Except when you have to empty the dirty water tank of course. The water's the colour of Dr Pepper, with scabby bits and dog hair in- YUMMY!

As for the fence, well, there's really no hope. Five tent-pegs, two bungees and some green string later, it's just about staying up. It even survived the nasty wind we had today! I don't think the structure will last that long though, but it only needs to get us through a little while...

Просто Деликатная Фарфоровая Кукла


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