28 May 2013

When I Was Your Girl - Alison Moyet

I was going to post yesterday, but I didn't feel up to it. My Grandpa got taken to hospital on Sunday night with a broken hip, and me and my Mum are having to look after Paddy at my Grandmoff's for a lot longer that before, for the mean time.

So, life's been very bland. I get up, I get dressed, I got online, I go to my Grandmoff's, we walk the dogs, we come home, I do my 365Project posts, I watch a film, I sleep. Doesn't help that our DVD player's being a moody arsehole. It plays virtually all of my Mum's films, but really doesn't like any of my musicals. So I've taken to watching a load of lesbian-themed movies on my iPod instead!

I discovered I can save more room on my iPod too! I converted all my music from MP4 to MP3, and it's cut the file size in half, and the music's still perfect! Same with the videos. I've converted them from their original state to a smaller frame size, and to 400Kbit/s! Looks great on my iPod, watchable in iTunes, and the file size is so small I have room for 7-11 of them on my iPod along with my music! HURRAH! 


Now, I'm going to let you into my big secret that makes my life a whole lot easier. But remember, you mustn't do anything illegal or gain anything copyrighted with these programs, alright? I'm not going to condone ANY illegal stuff going on due to these sites! Now, here's my useful list:

Now this is a link to the complete and free studio! It's very useful for the *occasional* YouTube download, but more to the point, for converting audio and video files.

Very useful for downloads from torrent sites. Just don't get anything *copyrighted*!
Whatever you do, make sure that you have some seeds and peers (not zero) that aren't in brackets. Simple when you get to grips with it!

A very handy torrent site, but becareful! Only download where is says '.torrent', and look in the description to make sure that the file's compatible. Beware of fakes, malicious programs/viruses and be very aware of 'copyrighted materials'!

To stop nosy and intrusive IP addresses poking at your computer. It's not just for people doing illegal stuff, it's also for paranoid persons that don't want their governments stalking their every move, and don't want paedophiles bouncing off them. Just follow the instructions!

Again, for the paranoid. Change and mask your IP address for free!


So, there's my wonderful assortment of useful programs, all of which are completely free and legal to use!  If you have any difficulty using them, just Google it, everything you could EVER need to know is there, yes? Good, now go and enjoy them!

Просто Деликатная Фарфоровая Кукла


  1. That's a good tip! i should try converting my music to mp3 too :)