1 May 2013

Life, Knitting & The 365 Project

Well, life's been okay I guess. I'm doing my last piece of German coursework on Thursday. I've got like 3/4 of it mastered to perfection, so I should be fine. I've decided to clear out the living room, and rearrange the DVDs and stuff. Oh, I got a new school satchel for next school year. I'm still feeling a little BLEH about life, but I suppose it could be worse. I admit I'm a little worried about my German exams, but it'll all be fine! 

I don't think I've properly mentioned- I've started knitting! My mind just got so fried with the German at one point, and I only have one guitar book, so I found the next best thing. Which so happened to be... knitting! Poundland does a nice deal with all their amazing wool as well! I'm working on two scarves: one is purple and twinkly, and the other is white and twinkly! I want to knit a rainbow jumper...

I've also decided to join The 365 Project, where you have to take a photo everyday, and put it online. I started yesterday, but I didn't want to interrupt any more of my A To Z Challenge! To save this blog getting cluttered, I created a little blog just for it! Check it out please?

> Ich Bin Ein Schönes Adler! <

Просто Деликатная Фарфоровая Кукла


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