14 April 2013

There Is Such A Thing As Too Many Beliebers...

You ask me, why did I interrupt my A To Z posts to write about a certain Justin Bieber?

Today, I read another article about this poor young man. It was from a few weeks back, after he was late onto stage at one of his tours. The amount of abuse he got from parents was horrendous, but I can see why they were mad.

Yesterday, one of my friends put up a silly Facebook meme, comparing Justin Bieber to Slash. I can't actually believe what they were saying. It was one of the comments on the meme that made me kind of sad though.

He is 'going to be the next Michael Jackson'. Well I seriously hope not. 

Not because of his music though, his music's fine. Not my cup of tea, and I can imagine I will get some abuse from Beliebers at some point for saying it, but actually it's good of its sort. Very much tweenage, modern pop, not one of my favourite genres to be honest, but I have heard a lot, LOT worse. It's okay background music, quite catchy, but I'm not going out of my way to karaoke it, if you know what I mean?

The reason I worry for him being 'the next Michael Jackson' is because of what happened to Michael Jackson. Being famous from a young age does weird things to people's heads. Michael Jackson never truly grew up, hid his children under weird masks and he lived in a theme park. People like Britney Spears end up having mental breakdowns and shaving their heads. It's horrible to think this could possibly happen to someone else.

Justin Bieber is just over a year older than me, and already he has paparazzi hounding his every move.

For instance, when he was dating Selena Gomez. I mean seriously, he's a teenage lad, he's going to want to date! So why do the press think it's fair to thrust a camera in their faces every time they go to the beach, walk up the street or go out for a meal? Certain events, it's expected, but he must be constantly surrounded by flashing lights and rude photographers, how he hasn't decked one yet, I will never know. Maybe they would've lasted, had the press not bothered them so much...

As for the fact he's been caught drunk, well once again, I must add, he's only human, and he is a teenager. That doesn't stop most teenagers drinking, so why can't he just be a 'normal' guy, just for a bit? Give him some space, seriously.

And with the crowds of Beliebers that turn out for his every premiere and award, I would be scared stupid. Thousands of tween and teenage girls screaming at you, wanting you sign their CDs, have a picture with you or marry you. Yes, I would be terrified. I don't know how he does it sometimes! They look as vicious and relentless in real life as on Twitter and Facebook!

I also think he should have someone from his family chaperone him more as well. Sounds babyish, right? Put it this way: he's a young guy, on tour for months at a time, with thousands of teenagers screaming in his ear, management that see dollars spinning over his head and has access to probably anything he wants at the time. That's a dangerous thing. He's going to go insane one of these days, with no-one particularly close to comfort and guide him away from certain things and people.

Personally, I just want to give him a nice hug, say hello, and tell him there is someone out in the world that won't scream and mob his every move, or want to get in his pants (his shorts if you're American). He comes across as such a lovely and thoughtful guy, he deserves some 'normal' friends, that won't judge him for the clothes he wears and how well he performs on what nights. Perhaps then he won't turn out to be like all the other poor adults that were once huge child and teenage celebrities.

Просто Деликатная Фарфоровая Кукла


  1. we were just saying something similar about Justin Bieber today at work. I think he came up because of his Anne Frank comment (if she were alive she'd be a Belieber) and because someone said he purchased a good chunk of his Twitter followers. Okay. I agree with you. Too much of this kind of fame will warp him and already seems to be doing so. I actually like his music...and I'm old...not a Belieber though. Nope.