23 March 2013

Exeter Pride 2013

So I had a good day out with some friends! I got to hold the banner again, but this time I was holding a banner near the back of the parade. It was still great fun! I took my faithful rainbow flag, and got a rainbow painted on my cheek, so the day was very colourful! I also got some freebies from the freebie tent: a purple fuzzy thing and some mints! Shame the weather was so cold, and my hands got all cracked and cold, but I'm just SO glad the rain held off!

As we were just sitting wondering what to do, some random people came over to us. They said they were going to be our friends, so we just shared a lot hugs, and random talks about total shit! Then we went and invaded McDonald's for a bit! We went from a group of 6 to a group of 20-25! Very awesome indeed! Plus, they were actually awesome people, which is FANTASTIC! :D

I may have had a nice day, but I'm really tired, my feet kill from the three-inch heels I was wearing, and I'm seriously glad to have my contacts out. All the signs of a bloody fantastic day, yes? 

Просто Деликатная Фарфоровая Кукла