14 March 2013

Bullshit, Guesstimation & Just Sheer Panic!

These are the three major components to learning a foreign language!

You're probably wondering why, yes? Well, today, I saw the German dude. All was good, I've got yet more German grammar to be learning of course. However, some of last week's work was complete guessing. I mean, I really am seriously behind, even with trying to catch up desperately.

Bullshit: Just look confident, it fools everyone.
Guesstimation: If it looks English, treat it English and translate it English.
Just Sheer Panic: If you're put on the spot, you have to say something. Repeat step bullshit.


As for me, I've got more aches and pains. I've had some sort of cramp in my arm since the weekend, so I went to the doctor's yesterday. He's hurrying my notes along, but I still have to see my doctor in a couple of weeks, because there was nothing more he could do. So I have a virtually limp arm with no strength in it for at least another week. Oh joy. It's not like I need my left arm for anything, so as long as I can type and I can make it move at will, it's all good!


And last of all, I've found my passion for Neopets once again! This is Kargy Kargy, my main pet! Isn't he adorable? My aim is to make enough neopoints to get pets from the pound who won't get adopted, paint them, feed them, give them a petpet, and put them back to the pound in a more adoptable state!

Просто Деликатная Фарфоровая Кукла


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