10 February 2013

Criminal Minds: The Rant

Considering I haven't really talked about it, I thought it was about time for a good Criminal Minds rant. Each episode of Series 8 I watch, the more screwed up it's seeming.

The murders are becoming... eerier. I mean, some dude sewing up lips, some dude chopping off legs, some dude painting with blood, some dude making human marionettes. I find this completely, and utterly, disturbing. There are just no words for this.

They killed Reid's crush, Maeve. THEY KILLED HER. In front of him. Some stupid psychotic woman that wanted praise on her scientific paper, goes to commit suicide, and with her, KILLS the girl that Dr Spencer Reid had fallen for. You could see they were just perfect for each other. This just shouldn't have happened, and is completely unfair on the character of Reid. Talk about Zugzwang. 

And then there's the infamous BAU stalker. Taking pictures of the BAU team doing random things like attending matches and getting into cars, and developing them by hand. I am also assuming he's the one that is 'The Replicator', recreating the murders that the BAU has solved. So, we're looking for someone with inside knowledge of the team, who's weird enough to do something like this, is pissed at the team or a member of the team, and is smart enough not to use digital photos. 

My guess? Penelope Garcia's ex-boyfriend Kevin Lynch. He's a computer nerd, so would know not to use technology. He also never appears in any of the photos of the BAU taken by the stalker. He's always lurking around helping the team with computers, so would have access and knowledge to the murders. Garcia turned him down when he proposed to her last series, and doesn't understand why Derek Morgan has such a good and close friendship with Garcia. This would give him means, motive AND opportunity. This is a picture of the stalker against Kevin Lynch:

Просто Деликатная Фарфоровая Кукла


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