2 January 2013

More D.I.Y. For The New Year!

I made the fatal mistake of buying yet another kitty today. Now I have no more shelf room. So I've had to take down my belovèd Rocky Horror poster, and put up a shelf instead! Not even a week into the new year, and I find myself doing more D.I.Y.! The only problem is, the adhesive I use is really tough to get out the nozzle. So instead, I unscrew the end and use my fingers! Gets the job done, with the perfect innuendo of having white stuff all over my fingers! Makes a bit of a mess though, and now my camera's covered in the stuff! And my jeans, and my carpet, and my top!

Hm, so now it's officially 2013, I really should get back into a routine of sorts. I should get back to work, and clear up the last of my the boxes in my bedroom. AND try not to panick about the college interview, with an assisstant principal of the college. 

But for now, I'm going to have to look up other ways of following languages, just to see if I can follow my dream through! I never knew it was so damn hard to find a way. There must be a way. It's just so frustrating when I can't find one after hours and hours of searching. Here I go, again, trying to find a way! Wish me luck! I'll certainly need it along the way!

Просто Деликатная Фарфоровая Кукла


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