31 January 2013

Strange Little Girl - The Stranglers

Well, once again, nothing noteworthy has happened in my life. I've seen more foreign, played some more of Zelda, and been to Exeter once. Oh, and continued to feel a little shit.

Yesterday I went in to Exeter, and went to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum. I originally went to see the Finnish exhibition area, however, it was quite small, and I don't remember ever having gone to the museum. So I looked around, at all the tribal outfits, and strange collections. There were portraits, stuffed animals, old antiques and a piece of meteorite. I definitely loved it there! There was also a portrait, of an amazing linguist called John Bowring. He was said to have spoke hundreds of languages, but definitely 32 to note. I want to be like that one day!

That afternoon, I also had another ditzy. It started off with a panic attack, and then digressed to me not being able to walk for nearly four hours! Oh, and I saw several of my old friends too! I must've looked like a right idiot. I'm just glad there are still things such as nice people out there in the world today!

Oh, and just as an official annoucement, yesterday I also signed up for the A To Z Blogging Challenge 2013! My theme will be Languages! I'm already scheduling the posts, so I won't have to think about it with panic on the day. I never knew I could be sucessful finding a language beginning with every letter of the alphabet! What a diverse world we live in nowadays! 

Просто Деликатная Фарфоровая Кукла


  1. Hey there. I also signed up for A to Z so I'll be seeing you there. I think I am #329, down the list a little bit. Museums are too cool. One time I was in a science museum and there was this stuffed crocodile. It had a little fence around the exhibit about 1 foot high. I turned my illegal camera on (no pics in the museum!) and told my gf to take a pic when I jumped the fence and layed down next to the critter. Well, what I didn't know was that there was an alarm. That thing wailed like an air raid and we hauled ass out of there! lol