1 January 2013

Happy New Year - Jamie Hartman

I heard this song on the radio at the beginning of last year, so I was quite surprised to find out that it's only had 39,000-odd pageviews. I think this song's very fitting for today, as it's New Year's Day, and the tune is pretty much how I feel at the moment.

Is it bad that I'm slightly scared about this year? I mean, my life's gone by so quickly since my GCSEs, it's been crazy. My life is just one big pile of crazy, and I just know something just as crazy is gonna happen this year. I just don't know when, where, why, what for. I just know it's gonna happen, because it's my life. This thought scares me shitless. Messing around with college, so my future remains uncertain. Hoping to fall in love, but knowing that I'm only going to be 18 and stupid. Wishing that I could get a paid, steady job at some point, with very little jobs going in the area. Then what? Am I going to keep having twitches and migraines? Will I be allowed to be a cadet adult? I'm not sure I'm liking the idea of 2013 just yet. But trust me, it'll be over like 2014's tomorrow.
That's precisely what happened to 2012!

Просто Деликатная Фарфоровая Кукла


  1. i'm sure that everything will come together <3

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