12 December 2012

My 50,000th Pageview!

50000 blog views
Unfortunately, by the time I'd refreshed the page to see if had gone over 50,000 pageviews, it'd gone 7 whole pageviews further! That just proves how popular I am! I've been anticipating this blogging milestone for the last three days, and stayed up especially so I could printscreen it like a complete sadass! And it's happened on 12/12/12! How awesome can this actually get?

So, my second day in HospiceCare went well yesterday, and my first day in the African shop today went well too! So I'm going to keep plugging away as a volunteer, getting experience and helping charities. I had to reapply to Exeter College yesterday too. Urgh. How to try and put politely 'I consider the last nine months to be your fault' without coming across rude and sarcastic!

As for Christmas, oh no! I'm seriously NOT prepared. I've only got like two presents: I'm screwed! Again, I'm still not feeling festive yet, no matter how many times I keep hearing yummy-mummy versions of Jingle Bells in the department stores!

messy bedroom lots of boxes

Oh, and my stuff's back from Hastings! All sixteen boxes. The best bit was, I only took six crates, my bergen and my holdall to get there! It's gone one in the morning, and my bed is currently full of crap. I have work tomorrow, but can't be bothered to clear my bed right now, so I'm blogging about it instead. See my enthusiasm about the idea of sorting this all out tomorrow. So much to look forward to before Christmas!

Просто Деликатная Фарфоровая Кукла


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