31 December 2012

New Year's Eve 2012: The World Never Ended!

So, for some reason, this year's just disappeared. One minute, it was January, and I was seeing Holly, and all that. Then it was then end of March, and Pride. Then it was Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee. Then I went on an adventure around the the country for three weeks in June. Then I was moving out to Hastings. All the London Olympics happened. All of a sudden, I'm starting a college there, and going LARPing. I only had three weeks with one of the most amazing group of friends I could've ever asked for, then I left to go to Bexhill for better subjects. I spent two months there, with every subject, hope and enrichment I could ever ask for. In that time, I saw both Nightwish and Adam Ant. Then I had to come home for Devon, it was a bit much up there. Then it was a month 'til Christmas. The zombie apocalypse for the end of the world was nigh, but I think they were defeated due to good defence information on Facebook. So my mum had a nice, zombie-free birthday, where the world did not end. Christmas flew past, and now I find myself editing my blog on New Year's Eve. NEW YEAR'S EVE. I'm 18 in just over two months. Shit, where'd all of this year go? Seriously?

So I will be making a New Year's Resolution. To do everything I've wanted to do, including attempt to become a cadet adult. To say how much I love this one girl, and have done for quite some time. To try to see my friends more, and talk more. To try and help out wherever possible. I don't want to have regretted not doing anything, not saying anything, until it was all too late. Plus, I'm legal to do virtually everything in the UK in March! I'm so going to go gamble in the retro arcade in Exeter for my birthday! Life is too short to hesitate, so why not just hold your head high? What the hell, let's just go for it!

Smile! Tomorrow's another year!
So come on 2013, what have you got in store for me?

Просто Деликатная Фарфоровая Кукла


  1. I like your surmise on your life and where your going and hope all your hopes and dreams
    are realized in 2013. Keep your chin up and smiling too. Stay healthy and safe and enjoy
    life as best you can..Happy New Year 2013 from Sydney , Australia

    Gary (achates20TROy)