30 December 2012

Hello Kitty Update #2

So, apparently, I'm a Hello Kitty enthusiast! I realise that it's been virtually a year since I last blogged my entire collection, which has grown enormously! Like, at such a crazy rate, I will have to put more shelves up! And I've not even got half the collection, and that's also excluding the big ones, which I seriously have no more room for! Currently, I have 19 small ones, a HUGE one, 5 varying degrees of medium ones, and two random small ones. Oh, and the blow-up one, and the bed heater, which I haven't pictured! I just think they're so cute! I can't wait for the TY heart tag protectors to get here either, so their labels don't get damaged! 

I name my kitties some strange things. Some of them are of my friends, or people I know and admire. Others are named after famous people I like. Then there's the ones that I name in foreign, simply because I feel like it. EG: Fragola = Strawberry in Italian, and Kani = Bunny in Finnish.

Hello Kitty TY Plush Toy Collection

Top Shelf:
Hope, Faith, Charity, Billie & Lilybet.

Bottom Shelf:
Rebecca, Ruthiee, Rowan, Emily, Sophie, Toshiko, Stana, Tamsin, Audrey, Joanne, Liberty, Valentina, Kani, & Joy.

Hello Kitty Large TY Plush Toy Collection

From Left To Right:
Ines, Rose, Violet, Cherry, Iris, Fragola, Fleur & Julia

Просто Деликатная Фарфоровая Кукла


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