13 November 2012

Another Average Week Goes By...

So yeah, a lot has happened in the last week, but I have nothing to really say about it. It really sucks when that's the case.

Wednesday, when I was in a bit of a pissy, and not feeling too good, I decided to hop on a train to London, and have a look round. I saw the Houses of Parliament, and Westmister Abbey. I also saw a sign by the London Eye about ice-skating over Christmas. I really hope I can afford it! Mmm, and I had a rather nice waffle with chocolate sauce, and strawberries! Then I went and sat in the Supreme Court for a bit. Sounds impressive to tell my Law teacher anyway! I recognised the court layout, however, I have no idea what they were on about. Statutory Rights, or consumers or something. Thankfully, I recognised a bit of the technical jargon, so I wasn't a total fish out of water!

Friday we went out for the night in Brighton, just for the hell of it, and I got my neck nommed! So proud of myself right now! :D

This weekend we spent clearing out the flat of a close relative of the people I'm staying with, who recently passed away. It was kind of sad actually, but the flat, and the stuff inside, were amazing...

And now I find myself in my web-coding enrichment lesson, passing away the time by posting a new blog, and editing pointless bits of HTML code out of my template. So if anything mucks up, including the colours, DON'T WORRY! I'll fix it soon!

Просто Деликатная Фарфоровая Кукла


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