19 October 2012

My Charm Bracelet!

cute charm bracelet

So, this is my new charm bracelet. It has things that mean a lot to me, all in one little bracelet. I especially like the gold rifle charm, as I really miss shooting! I was gutted that there were no Land Rover charms though, but it's alright. Oh the wonders of finding everything over ebay!

This week has been horrible. Monday I had a ditzy. My new medicine highlights my twitches, and it really decided to show on Monday. I spent most of the day in the nurse's room. Tuesday was even worse: I had a panic attack which looked like a mini fit of sorts. As there were second year reviews on Wednesday, I got the day off college, and decided to pay the doctor a visit. He wasn't much help to be honest. He just increase my tablets from 1 a day to 3 a day. BLEH! Yesterday was interesting, sort of. I started volunteering at the college LRC, typing up boring worksheets and mking them more fun. And today was my full college day. Classics, French and then Law. I haven't gone to the gym once this week, so I'm going to have to go both days this weekend.

Просто Деликатная Фарфоровая Кукла


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