30 October 2012

Back In Devon For A Little...

purple plaid hello kitty 8 eight inch ty

Just for this week. It's half term, and I wanted to see my friends back in Devon and stuff, so I came back for a bit. I found this Purple Plaid 8" Hello Kitty Beanie Buddie Plush waiting for me when I got back, but I'm not entirely sure what to call her. Well, the trip back was long and boring. An hour and a half from Hastings to Waterloo East. Jump across to Waterloo, and then it's 3 whole hours before I get to Exeter St David's. And THEN I have a half an hour journey back to Sidmouth. BLEH! Well at least I got to see the Hastings Zombie Walk, which was a right laugh!

Sunday I met up with Tamsin, and we had hot chocolate and chips at Dukes. Yesterday I just had a seriously lazy day, then popped in to Army Cadets for a little bit yesterday. Today I went into Exeter, and got my hair permed. Then unexpectedly, I ran into Tamsin and Jess, so then we went to McDonald's and Primark. We also walked down to Exeter College so I could combat more of my fear.

NIGHTWISH NEXT MONDAY!!! I mean, minus the lead singer I was expecting, but it's so near now! THE NIGHTWISH GIG'S NEXT MONDAY!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!

Просто Деликатная Фарфоровая Кукла


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