13 October 2012

All Work And Very Little Play.

Once again I realise I haven't blogged in nearly a week. Nobody told me taking French AND Law would mean stupid amounts of revision. I'm so glad Classics and English are easy, or I'd have no time to blog at all!

We went out last night to Brighton, which was fun! Other than that, I haven't done much at all! I got and A- on my French translation, but a C in the essay. I got a top-ish C in Classics, and a U in my Law (but it WAS one of the highest U's in the class!). Not bad for missing the first two and a half weeks at the college, and never having done Law before!

The last week, I've been putting together a charm bracelet with clip-on charms, so when it's finished, I'll post a photo.

Oh, and today Harry Hippo gained a new friend that I called Roberta! I think she's adorable! Not a replacement for Harry, as there is no other Harry. However, she'll keep him in good company I think, being another hippo and all!

Просто Деликатная Фарфоровая Кукла


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