30 March 2014

Just A Waiting Game Now...

I've been feeling awful since my birthday with some über-cold going round, so I've barely been online. I've barely done anything. I got a new phone because they mucked us around with our contracts, I've slept a heck of a lot, and I went for a growth scan on Friday because my bump was a bit smaller than expected. Turns out Sprout's currently 4lbs 14oz, and everything's in working order, they're just a bit small, which considering my size really ISN'T that surprising. Not long to go now. This t-shirt describes exactly how I'm feeling.

Sadly, I'm going to have to resign from the A To Z Blogging Challenge this year. I've just been feeling so unwell, and Sprout may be due 1st May, but it's fair game from April, so I don't want to have to be doing the challenge with a newborn, or feeling really beached-whale.

7 March 2014

My 19th Birthday!

So, I've had a fairly quiet day, as per usual with my birthday. A few nice cards, and a few gifts, nothing big. I got a like-new version of Harry Hippo, called Ron: He won't be replacing Harry, but he is adorable! I also got an electric tin opener, and some device to help me open jars, since I have no idea what's happening with my left arm, and I still have a year left to wait an find out. I got some money, I'll be getting my proper poodle perm done on the 19th March, so I don't have to think about my hair again until September/October time. One of the best things today though? I wake up late, and go do myself some early breakfast. Then, about to get the post, I notice a silver gift bag on the door handle. I have an admirer? I look inside, and blow me down, there's a birthday card for me, plus a toy rabbit and a pack of five socks for Sprout! So I open the card giving it total 'WTF?', and I discover it's from the grandmother of one of my best friends! How thoughtful! It restored a lot of my faith in humanity! I've called the rabbit Oma Rabbit!